THE REALITY About E-Cigs and E-Liquids – A glance at the Smoking Threat From Electronic Cigarettes

Vaping has become among today’s fastest-growing personal indulgences, but still it is unclear whether these devices present any real threat to public health. Since an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes, electric cigarettes have basically no combustion involved, but instead heat up a flavored liquid solution containing various flavors, nicotine, and different chemicals. As a result, for quite a while, they operate much like conventional cigarettes do. But over recent months, reports reveal an evergrowing lung disease associated with electronic smoking.

vaping health risks

It is not only the smokers who can experience harmful vapors, even non-smokers can expose themselves to these electric cigarettes and their ingredients. Many public places that allow smoking may also ban vaporizing since they pose a possible health risk of second hand smoking. Many electronic cigarette companies have thus developed their very own blends and formula to sidestep these legislation debates. Yet, in spite of these legislative hurdles, these products continue to increase in popularity, especially given that they contain nicotine, one of the addictive substances in both the environment and in the body.

The question on all consumers’ minds at the moment is – are e-cigs harmful? The solution lies within the ingredients found in this alternative cigarette smoking method. Electric cigarettes contain nicotine, propylene glycol, and certain other harmful chemical compounds that can be extremely harmful to your health when inhaled. One of many harmful chemicals, nicotine, is known to be highly addictive. Nicotine may be a drug in your body, which means that if it’s abused, you could potentially experience serious health complications down the road.

Not merely is nicotine a highly addictive substance, it also affects your cardiovascular system. This is why it is strongly discouraged to use e-cigs as a form of smoking. Additionally, because vaporizing vaporizes many dangerous chemicals such as propylene glycol, liquid nicotine, and acetone, it might be highly detrimental to your health and particularly to those who are suffering from diabetes. There are also studies that show that long-term nicotine use can cause a reduction in blood sugar. If you suffer from diabetes, or any kind of renal disease, using e-cigs can significantly boost your risk for infections and related complications.

It will also be noted that smoking is extremely dangerous, particularly lung injury, that is caused whenever a smoker inhales deeply into his lungs. However, the electronic juices used by vaporizers usually do not pose this threat. So is there anything else that vaporizing provides? As well as the dangers that are in the above list, addititionally there is the concern that the flavorings used in these products can be hugely harmful. Nicotine is highly poisonous, so using e-cigs to displace cigarettes is not a smart idea.

Interestingly enough, on the list of worst e-cigarette health threats is lung injury. Long term smokers have been shown to have problems with early-onset bronchial cancer, which can progress to more serious conditions such as emphysema. Even with regular use, the constant heating of the electronic coils over time can cause small pieces of debris to build up and finally lodge in the respiratory system. This will in turn bring about inflammation of the linings of the bronchioles, that may progress to scarring and finally cancerous cells.

There’s very good news, however. Many vaporizers available today come equipped with some type of filtration system which will remove these bits of debris. The best products, such as the HitWex Pro Vapes System will eliminate a lot of the cancer-causing chemicals along with other toxic particles. As long as you make sure to always utilize your HitWex Filter when you vaporize, you will help reduce your chances of lung injury from vaporizing any of the a huge selection of different chemicals and toxins that are present in our modern society.

To conclude, although there are a few unavoidable situations where smoking is absolutely required, it might be highly unwise to ever include smoking in virtually any situation where your health could be adversely affected. E-cigs give a great way to still get yourself a good quantity of nicotine into your body, minus the associated cancer-causing chemicals. However, if you truly care about your wellbeing, avoid smoking no matter what. When you have to smoke because you absolutely have to have your morning cup of coffee, at least make it very green tea flavored. E-cigs can provide a safe and healthy method of smoking for those who want ways to still get a little nicotine to their system without hurting themselves in the process.